Meet America’s Cheapest Family

Meet the most frugal family in America…

Annette and Steve Economides, and their five children, ages 10 to 21, have mastered the art of living on the cheap. Their mission: to maintain a reputation they’ve proudly earned — or maybe saved — the old-fashioned way. The Arizona clan says it’s proud to be one of America’s cheapest family.

“We started out our marriage with so little money that we decided we were going to live within our means,” said Annette Economides. “From day one, we were not going to accrue any kind of debt, of any kind.”

The Economides say careful planning allowed them to pay off their first house in just nine years, even though their family income averaged just $33,000 a year. Their second home is nearly paid off as well.

They have now published a book and they have their own website.

Certainly one of the more recession-proof celebrity stories to come out of the States recently 🙂

(Well, it is certainly better than this.)

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