How I save 75% a month on my mobile phone bill

How I save 75% a month on my mobile phone bill

I recently used the services of to see if I could save money on my mobile bill. My mobile operator was costing me between €75 and €120 a month.  After using the website, I spotted a new offer from Three Mobiles that was interesting. 

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This new phone is a Three Skypephone. This means it has the Skype application running on it so that I can use it to contact other people on Skype for free. The "best of both worlds" payment option means I get to keep my current number and move from a monthly bill to a pay-as-you-go bill of just €25 for 100 minutes a month of phone calls. I can top up with extra credit if I need to. The phone itself just cost me €19 on this plan.

The phone itself is not bad – the camera is OK, the signal is good enough in most places around town (and even in the wilds of Wicklow!). This phone could really save you money if you meet the following criteria:
  • Some of the people you phone are going to be in front of a PC for part of the day. I can Skype my wife for nothing now during the day, saving €€€s off my bill.
  • You don't use more than about an hour and a half of talk a month, or at least, you could cut back on your mobile use! 

The customer service from Three is actually pretty good so far. It only took two hours to switch my phone number over to their network – not bad compared to previous operator switching nightmares I have had. 

Here are some other reviews worth reading:
I recommend having a look at the Three Skype phone. My mobile bill is down about 75% on average a month!

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