A Jedi mind trick for successful supermarket shopping

A Jedi mind trick for successful supermarket shopping

Luke: "What's in there?"
Yoda: "Only what you take with you."
Star Wars

Stormtroopers go shopping
Photo by kubatodi

As I pointed out in a recent post, every time you enter the supermarket, it becomes a psychological battleground. Millions of euro have been spent to create a building and an atmosphere conducive to you removing money from your own pocket without thinking.

It's time to fight back!

Actually, that introduction is possibly somewhat melodramatic! But what I have learned from my own shopping trips with my wife Ann is that if you actually keep your mind usefully occupied when shopping, you can pretty much ignore all the psychological manipulation that the supermarket throws at you. 

This is what I suggest: 
  • Always enter the supermarket with a list of what you want. 
  • Always have a budget decided before you enter the shop (even if it is only a rough guide).
  • As you place each item into your trolley or basket, make sure that you note the price. 
  • In your mind, round the price up or down to the nearest ten cents.
  • Keep a running total in your mind of the items added to your basket as you shop.
  • By rounding the prices up or down, you can easily keep track of your spending. 

The first time you do this, just buy the things you would normally buy. 
You will be surprised by 

a) How quickly your budget gets used up when you shop without thinking.
b) How overpriced some items are in Irish supermarkets.   

If you get good at this, supermarket shopping becomes a competitive sport.
It becomes you against the retail giants. 
Firstly, how close can your estimated total come to your actual grocery receipt
and secondly, how much can you shave off that grocery receipt by buying equivalent but cheaper goods? 

Think of this as mindful shopping. 
If you set your own shopping agenda, then the supermarket will not do it for you.

May the force be with you.

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